Based out of Minnesota, Obstruction Of Justice is a high energy modern rock band that knows how to get the crowd going. Thumping bass, driving drums, steady rhythms, kick ass leads, and great vocals, they always impress and are eager to make a name for themselves. Currently in the process of writing and recording their first album, Obstruction Of Justice is looking to turn heads with their fresh take on rock n' roll. With a lot of amazing songs already written, it wont be long before they release their debut album. Keep an eye out for their soon-to-be released debut single 'Flyin High' as Obstruction Of Justice is primed and ready to make a name for themselves in the modern rock scene. 

Alex Gehlert - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

Mark Nelson - Guitar

Tanner Bailey - Bass, Vocals

Bryce Premo - Drums, Vocals